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Updated on January, 2018

Cimprogetti has recently commissioned the new lime hydration plant at Novocheboksarsk production site (680 km from Moscow). The calcium hydroxide produced is mainly used in the production of building materials: concrete, plaster mixtures, etc., and in agriculture as a part of calcium hypochlorite production line in the Russian territory.

Supplied in 2017, the plant features a CIM-HYDRAX-TG hydrator model(2-2-1 shafts) and a High Efficiency separator CIM-MICROSEP, 100 HS model, designed to produce 40,000 tons of calcium hydroxide annually.

PJSC "Khimprom" - one of the largest companies in the chemical complex of the Russian Federation, produces more than 150 chemical products. By the end of 2016, the company had increased its net profit to 650.2 million rubles. Revenues had increased by 19%- to 9.23 billion rubles. 
Although Cimprogetti has a consolidated experience in this type of plant configuration, the project entailed organizational complications due to the recent restrictions on exporting to the Russian territory, and supporting the certification process linked to the installation of a  chemical plant with high levels of risk. “Khimprom” has nevertheless recognized Cimprogetti’s ability to deal with the requirements in terms of Russian standards and environmental regulations.

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